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Monday, May 18, 2015

Unconfirmed Revised Pay For Award Staff

Sri Kamlesh Chaturvedi informs on Facebook as follows :---

We Bankers has created history. On the one side Government of India, IBA, All the Unions and Dy.CLC were pleading and on the other hand We Bankers strongly raised the voice of Aam Bankers. You all are aware of the developments emanating from filing of the Dispute on Birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on 23rd January, avoidance of CLC to intervene in the matter by referring the Dispute to Dy. CLC. (C) Kanpur, subsequent inaction by Dy. CLC and its only when an email campa...ign was launched that Dy. CLC opened up to say that as per Section 36 of the ID Act only unions registered under the Trade Unions Act can raise dispute.

We Bankers has successfully proved his stand and accordingly High Court has directed Dy. CLC to decide the Industrial Dispute raised by We Bankers with in a period of six months.
Now a basic question would be raised by a section of extra ordinary brilliant employees about the impact of this order on present negotiations. For them we wish to make it clear that apart from Demands of equality and parity by bringing bank employees under the purview of Pay Commission, one more important point is with regard to authority and competence of retired leaders to negotiate on behalf of bank employees. As per our policy of transparency we will post full dispute for perusal and understanding of aam bankers.

For the time being we salute all those brave companions who showed their rock like solidarity and their monetary contribution and moral support without which it would not have been possible. We devote our efforts in the feet of these brave companions. We place our thanks to Sri Ganapathi Subramaniyam who checked dispute prepared by us and has been instrumental in getting blessings of great legendary leaders of yesteryears Sri K. N. Shenoy. Above all this writ petition had the blessings of my Govind and His preachings through Bhagwad Gita.
We appeal to all the groups who have been criticising the UFBU in a scattered manner to come together to write down the history of revolution in the Trade Union Movement of Banking Industry

New Pay Structure For Award Staff From Unconfirmed Sources (Unreliable)


  1. Where is the revised pay scale details...?

  2. When you open a mobile website to peruse Daily Hindi News the tiny screen real estate will annoy you. Accomplishing even simple things become so complicated that you wish for a better interface.

  3. There is no meaning of 8th stagnation if it is not payable to all clerical staff. Very few people i.e. 5 to 10% will be benefitted.