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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Probable DA From November 2016

Dearness Allowance for the Quarter beginning November, 2016 (Forecast)

AICPI (Base 2001=100)
AICPI (Base 1960=100)

July, 2016

August, 2016

September, 2016 (Forecast)




Points merged in 10th BPS

Residual Points



Average AICPI for the previous quarter (455X4)




Number of Slabs change for the current quarter


D.A. increase in %

ADD - Existing D.A.


Revised D.A.


Date: 02-10-2016



D.A. to be calculated on Basic Pay, Special Pay, Special Allowance and PQP. 

(Registered under Trade Union Act, 1926 : Registration No.G-6201)
(Affiliated to All India Bank Retirees' Federation
through All India Union Bank Retirees' Federation)
203, Navkar Commercial Complex, Near Syndicate Bank,
Near Para Bazar Chowk, Dhebar Road - North (one way),
Rajkot - 360 001 (Gujarat). 
 Phone: 0-94272-07021
  E-mail < ubiretirees@gmail.com > < rajkot@ubiretirees.in >  

Date: 6th October,'16

All the members of our Association, who have facility of their e-mail IDs.,

Increase in premium of Group Medical Insurance Scheme

    Please see the following attachments to this e-mail.

(1) Letter dated 3rd October,'16 written by Shri R.K.Powar, General Secretary, All India Union Bank Retirees' Federation to the Bank (Attachment No.13)

(2) Letter dated 6th October,'16 written by our Association to the Bank (The Attachment No.14)

(3) Draft of Letter to be to be e-mailed by the members of our Association to the Bank (Attachment No.15)

Attachment Nos. 13 & 14 are for your perusal.

Attachment No. 15 is the draft of Letters to be e-mailed by our Association's members, who have facility of internet and e-mail ID.
Please fill in the blanks at the top and bottom of the draft before e-mailing it. If you have facility of scanning, please sign, scan the draft and then e-mail it in PDF format.For those who have no scanner, it will be enough to e-mail the letter without signature - simply by writing  Sd/- below 'Yours faithfully'. 

Please do it to-night or to-morrow morning invariably. 

Copies of your e-mail may please be sent to our Association on or E-mail ID < ubiretirees@gmail.com > and also to the GS of our Federation on his e-mail ID < rkpowar@gmail.com >

The matter is delayed at our end because we were unable to open the attachments received from the GS of our Federation. 

Yours sincerely,
General Secretary

(Affiliated to All India Bank Retirees’ Federation)
A/12, Girdhar Apt., Kastur Park, Shimpoli Road, Borivali (W), Mumbai 400 092
      Chairman                                       President                           General Secretary
   D. A. Masdekar                              B. G. Raithatha                             R. K. Powar
    9970899393                                   9427207021                                 7710030963
damasdekar@gmail.com                ubiretirees@gmail.com               rkpowar@gmail.com
No. 101/2016-17                  3rd October 2016

Shri. R. R. Mohanty,
General Manager (P & HR)
Union Bank of India,
Central Office,

Dear Sir,
              Re : Proposed Medical Insurance premium for retired employees
          Sub: Recovery of revised insurance premium   
We request reference to the email sent out by the Pension Cell of Terminal Benefits Department informing the retired employees about the likely increase in the premium amount for the renewal of the Group Insurance Policy for the year 2016-2017.  It is also communicated to the retired employees that the Bank would recover the premium amount from their designated bank accounts on any day during the month of October 2016.

We are shocked to know about the steep increase in the premium amounts likely to be deducted, within a period of one year of commencement of insurance policy and are receiving messages of complete dismay & displeasure by our members at the proposed increase in premium. The same is the case with in-service Unions, who have also opposed the unilateral increase by the UIIC & are insisting on discussions with IBA on the issue, on the disproportionate claim ratio, non adherence to agreed terms etc.  In the similar manner, we too do not agree that any proposed premium amounts for retired employees is warranted at such high premiums, because of disparities in claim ratios of the retirees, especially despite being denied domiciliary treatment and other factors not on par with in-service employees. It would be ethical & fair if the figures are made available to us for justifying such decision of hike in premium as has been communicated by Pension Cell to the retired employees.

We further invite your attention to the fact that the proposed hike in the premium amount in case of award staff is almost equal to their one month pension; and in case of retired officers, particularly retired prior to 2002, the increase in premium
amount is unaffordable for them.  Hence, the majority retired employees have expressed helplessness to subscribe to the renewed insurance policy for the period 2016-2017.

We reliably learnt that only 18 banks, out of 40 banks to the party to the Insurance Policy document, have paid the insurance premium on behalf of working employees for 2016-2017.  This would substantiate the concerns of Banks about the unilateral increase in premiums to be paid by them. We note our bank has also not paid the amount though the last date of renewal of policy was over i. e. 30/09/2016, which could affect in-service employees because of unjustified & illegal increase in demand for premium by UIIC & IBA. If the insurance policy is not renewed by our Bank, it is obvious that the working employees will be uncovered and will bear the brunt of the deviation of terms of UIIC/IBA. So also, in case retired employees do not pay the increased premium, they would also be without the insurance cover for the rest of their life, which is more serious; because in case of working employees the Bank will be compelled to honor the hospitalization claims by employees post 30/09/2016 but in case of retired employees they will be left in lurch.

In view of this critical situation in which the retired employees are faced to, we request a meeting be convened to enable us to meet with you urgently to discuss the matter.

We also request you to reconsider any decision to recover the premium amount during this month on the following grounds, and until after decisions with us on the following :

  1. The UIIC/IBA discuss with Unions on the revised premium amount payable by inservice/retired employees;

  1. The communication of the Pension Cell as referred herein have not been received by all the retired employees though the email ids were provided to the bank;

  1. Most of the retired employees withdraw the monthly pension amount credited to respective accounts immediately. Hence, in the absence of official communication from Insurance company in respect of revised premium amount, the decision to debit the accounts of the retired employees on any working day of this month is not justified.

  1. The Bank must give reasonable time & intimation to the retired employees to consider whether to subscribe to the renewal of insurance policy or not because the fundamental/major amendment to the insurance policy document is slated to be made without sufficient notice to the insurers.

  1. Our suggestions, which may be given at the meeting to ameliorate the hardship of the retirees in paying the increased premium, such as subsidy, installments, etc.

We are sure the Bank will consider our request favourably, evidencing it’s concern and care for its past fellow colleagues, who have toiled during their service period in the Bank, to ensure the position in the Industry at which the Bank stands today.

With warm regards,
Yours faithfully,
(R. K. Powar)
        General Secretary

(Name of Retired Employee of the Bank)



The General Manager (P & HR)
Union Bank of India,
Department of Personnel,
Central Office,
239, Backbay Reclamation,
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 023.       E-mail ID < rrmohanty@unionbankofindia.com >

Dear Sir,
                             Re: Protesting Steep Increase in premium amount for renewal of Insurance Policy.

In terms of the settlement Indian Bank Association and Bank Unions/Associations signed on 25th May 2015 wherein option was given to the retired employees to avail medi-claim insurance policy, Union Bank invited option letters from the retired award staff and officers to join the insurance scheme for the sum assured by paying the premium of policy as specified.  

I had exercised option to join the insurance scheme because the scheme was hassle-free with moderate rate of premium affordable to the retired employees as well as inclusion of clause of reimbursement for domiciliary treatment.

However, I am shocked to learn about the steep increase in the premium amounts within a period of one year of commencement of insurance policy for employees, which will have a bearing on the increase in premium for retirees as well. I am totally dismayed that the insurance company has unilaterally increased the premium amount for the renewal of insurance policy for the year 2016-17 to the Banks on the plea of increase in percentage of claim ratio received by the company, even beyond stipulated ceilings on premiums. This increase in premium is a fundamental change in the policy document and is neither arithmetically justified nor made after giving due required notice to the insurers as required in terms of the settlement.

I submit that the proposed increase in premium amount is not affordable and is an act of the insurance company that compels me to discontinue the insurance cover for the rest of my life without any health insurance.  

I record my protest for the steep hike in the premium for renewal of insurance policy as the same is unreasonable, unjustified and unethical.

I, request you to inform the Indian Banks Association to immediately hold discussions with the Insurance Company on the subject matter and take corrective steps to ensure insurance company adheres to the industry wise settlement signed on 25th May 2016 by reducing the proposed premium amount and adhering to all its provisions.
Yours faithfully,
              P. F. No.

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