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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Modi Haters , Media, Bankers And Borrowers

I am submitting below copy of a beautiful write up submitted on facebook by Sri Anoop Kumar Verma . Writer of this small message appears to be CS working in a bank or he might have copied this information from some other Facebook mmber. I do not know the truth. However, since  this depicts real story of bankers to a great extent, I thought it better to present it in my blog for the benefit of other members of facebook and bankers..

विजय माल्या की किंगफिशर एयरलाइन और उस से जुड़े कर्जे पर मची हायतौबा के बीच एक घटना याद आ रही है| सी एस होने के वजह से एक प्रमुख सरकारी बैंक के जेनेरल मैनेजर से अक्सर मेरी बातचीत होती रहती थी | एक बार उनसे लोन के संबंध में कुछ चर्चा हो रही थी.

तब उन्होने कहा था - अगर आप 5 लाख तक लोन लेते हैं, तब आप "कर्जदार" हैं, और अगर आप पैसे वापस करने में आनाकानी करते हैं, तो बैंक के रिकवरी एजेंट आपके घर पहुँच
...जाएँगे, और चाहे जितनी भी किचकिच हो जाए, पैसे वसूल कर के ही रहेंगे|"

अगर आप 25 लाख तक लोन लेते हैं, तब आप "बिजनेसमैन" हैं, और लोन की ईएमआई नहीं मिलने की सूरत में बैंक आपको सिर्फ फोन करके कहेगा - "आपने अभी तक पैसे नहीं दिए हैं, किसी भी हाल में 30 तारीख कर जमा करवा दीजिए, हमारे उपर भी दबाव है|"

अगर आप 5 करोड़ तक लोन लेते हैं, तब आप "इंडस्ट्रियलिस्ट" हैं, और बैंक को पता है कि आपका बिजनेस उनके पैसों से ही चल रहा है, तो अगर आपकी ईएमआई उन्हें नहीं मिलती है, तो वे आपको फोन करके सिर्फ इतना ही पूछेंगे - "सब ठीक-ठाक चल रहा है ना? कभी-कभार आकर हमारे यहाँ भी चाय पी लिया कीजिए|"

और, अगर आपके पास 5 करोड़ से ज्यादा का कर्ज है, तो आप "बिजनेस टायकून" है, और इस सूरत में बैंक आपसे कभी कोई सवाल नहीं पूछेगा, अगर कई महीने तक ईएमआई की रकम ना मिले, तब आपके यहाँ बैंक मैनेजर खुद जाएँगे, और चाय पीने के बाद कहेंगे - "अभी तो दुनिया भर में मंदी चल रही है, आप काफी व्यस्त भी रहते होंगे, लेकिन फिर भी समय मिले, तो कभी हमें भी सेवा का मौका दीजिए| रिजनल ओफिस से काफी दबाव है, तो एक काम करता हूँ, आपके नाम से जो 100 करोड़ का लोन है, उसकी जगह एक 110 करोड़ का नया लोन इश्यू कर देता हूँ, और उस लोन के पैसों से पुराने लोन को ब्याज के साथ चुका हुआ दिखा देता हूँ| आपकी क्रेडिट हिस्ट्री भी बनी रहेगी, और हम भी बचे रहेंगे, क्योंकि आपका पुराना लोन समय पर "पे" हो जाएगा, और हमारे रेकार्ड्स में यह "एनपीए" में भी नहीं जाएगा|"

This is really a true story of bankers, it may be due to greed for gifts or under pressure of higher bosses or politicians or local muscle man who have been fully bought by high value borrowers. Role of CS and CA may not be ignored which they play in bringing two evil minded persons together. It is CA who has the capacity to paint bad balance sheet with good colour which suits bankers and then CA turned auditors too. Birds of same feather flock together. It is team of Chartered Accountants who use to certify corrctness of balance sheet of a bank , of a borrower and of the government even if it contains false information, concocted figures and fabricated soundness of health.

Anil Mulchandani writes on facebook as follows ( in lighter mode, used as satire _
कैलेंडर तो इस बार भी छपेगा माल्या का. लेकिन इस बार मॉडल्स के जगह बैंकर्स नंगे होंग।

अब 17 बैंकों का पैसा बकाया हैं, पर एक साल में तो 12 महीने होतें हैं तो बस इन 17 बैंकों के वरिष्ठ अधिकारी बड़े टेन्शन में है, पता नहीं किस किस का चुनाव होगा।

इस वजह से कोई भी बैंक अधिकारी अब मालया को कांटेक्ट नहीं कर रहा।

अरे भाई लोन देते समय तो पूरा नंगा हो कर लोन दिया था न अधिकारी बाबू, अब काहे शर्मा रहे हो।

My comment: Leaders of Congress Party which is now in opposition but which was in power for decades , are crying loudly  on issue of Kingfisher default and similarly leaders of other oponents like JDU or RJD or TMC  who are hard core Modi-opponents are also trying to fish in troubld water.

But it is also true  that none of media men or that of opposition parties spoke a single word against defaulters of bank though the news related to Kingfisher  and many other bigger defaults has been in public domain since the year 2010.

Now media men are crying as if they know all about banking laws and practices and as if they are Supreme Judge above Supreme Court , above High Court and and above Debt Recoveeryy Tribunal (DRT) and hence they are accusing Modi Government as also CBI for not arresting  Kingfisher Mallya before he left India and for allowing him to leave India . They have only one motto , i.e. to malign the image of Modi and BJP by hook or by crook . This is why they are advocating illegal step to be taken by Legal government.

This is why they are accusing Modi of allowing Mr. Mallya in absconding . These media men and political opponents of Modi are playing foul game and they are real enemy of the country and it is they who are polluting environment of the country by speaking lie after lie on each small or big issue just to confuse innocent viewers of TV channels.

Here I would like to point out that gang of same media men and same Modi-opponents were blaming Modi Governmnt when a real traitor Mr. Kanhaiya Lal was arrested by police in connection with anti-India-slogan-shouting in JNU campus.

Media men did not like to wait till investigation process is completed by police and till trial in court of law is finished. They usually sit on chair of Super Judge and declare whether a person is innocent or guilty of law. This is why they still say that Kanhaiya Kumar is innocent even after going through lines of Delhi High Court order granting him a conditional bail.

This is the tragedy of India media and this is the dirty picture of Indian political parties . They never try to understand facts and truth of any incident . They are determined to oppose each other irrespctive of legal position. They make each issue emotional by painting each story with 'Garam Masala' they possess . They say that they are using their right to Freedom of Expression.

This country will grow only when media men and politicians sit on debate table with flexible and open mind on TV channels or in Parliament or in State Assemblies. Unfortunately they are pulling each other's leg and not allowing truth to emerge.They take part in a debate with fixed mind and predetermind appraoch on any matter which becomes subject of hot discussion in a forum. God bless them.

I submit herunder another presentation of Anoop Kumar Verma collected from Facebook

यदि आप अत्यधिक प्रतिभाशाली हो तो तैयार रहे.
या तो तुम कर्ण की तरह छले जाओगे !
या तुम्हें अभिमन्यु की तरह चक्रव्यूह में मार दिया जाएगा !
या फिर तुमसे एकलव्य की तरह अंगूठा मांग लिया जायेगा !

लोग अक्सर मुझसे पुछते हैं जगह - जगह तुम्हारी बहुत "निन्दा " हो रही है ।
और मेरा एक ही जवाब होता है ।।
"निन्दा " उसी की होती है जो जिन्दा है ।
तारीफ तो हमेशा मरे हुये की होती है ।।
बस अपने विश्वास में जियो ।

अच्छे काम करते रहिये चाहे लोग तारीफ करें या न करें ।
आधी से ज्यादा दुनिया सोती रहती है..सूरज' फिर भी उगता है.. "समस्या" के बारे में सोचने से,
बहाने मिलते हैं,
"समाधान" के बारे में सोचने पर रास्ते मिलते हैं...

ज़िन्दगी को "आसान" नहीं,
बस खुद को "मजबूत" बनाना पड़ता है।

Lastly I am happy that Mr. Narendra Modi is moving in right direction and he will do the best for the country despite all hue and cry made by his opponents including politicians and journalists. Under his leadership , all departments have started working sincerely and devotedly .

Bank officials are now thinking day and night how to recover their dues from bank loan defaulters. 
Judiciary which to a great extent was working as puppet of Congress Party Government during rule of Congress Party or UPA led by Congress Party have become fearless now and it is visible that they are also now acting freely and fastly and disposing off all pending cases.
RBI has become active and effective in containing bad debts to minimum and helping banks in recovery of dues from loan defaulters. 
SEBI has bcome vigilant on companies registred with them and which are traded in share market.

I know that media men who are paid agent of some party or the other will also slowly start thinking for the country or else their TRP will be reduced to minimum. They are still in dark. They do not even ABC of bad debts ,its nature and root causes of creation of bad debts. Still they become master in debates on such matters.There are many defaulters like Mallya in banking system and they are wilfully concealed. 

Media men were totally unaware of hidden facts related to bank and bad borrowes and still they are so.

Media men are making the story of Mallya to appear as inflammatory and provoking emotions  of TV viewers by adding story of farmer who has been beaten by police for his default in repayment of ban loan. I like to say here that ninety percent of loans given to small farmers and villagers by banks  under various schemes of the government are in general written off by banks every year and they never get success in getting recovery of bank loan in time. This is why ratio of farmer loan in total amount of bad loans appearing in public domain is very low and portrays only a distorted picture of bad loans. Media is not at all justified in making a big issue out of a skeleton case of beating of a farmer, that too not by a government bank but by a private lender.

Beating of a farmer or suicide by a few farmers out of million of farmer loanees to get rid of bank loan is generalised by cunning media men to incite fire in society and to give a wrong dirction to a good move taken by a governmnt or a bank. This is why banker are normally afraid of each borrower, emotional attack by small borrowers and use of power by rich borrowers.

In my view loan given to small farmer or business tycoon Mr. Mallya , both are equaly responsible for timely repayment of loan they receive from a bank. And anyone of two, defaulting in repayment is guilty and has to be punished in a proper way to create a culture of repayment and to keep banks safe and sound in coming days.

At present, bitter truth is that  Indian court do not have time and adequate manpower to deal with lacs of small loan cases filed by banks in various courts for recovery and at the same time Indian court cannot recover money from high value defaulters because their intelligent advocates manage courts in their way and completely as per their whims and fancies. Poor and rich , both types of borrowers are cheating banks in their own style. Small defaulters are retail poison whereas high value defaulters are wholesale poison for the body of bank.

Ultimatly it is the bank, it is depositors of bank  and it is the taxpayers who have to suffer for sin of both small  big borrowers. It is they who have to suffer due to dirty politics on defaults, either by borrower or by bankers or by politicians or by media men.

It has to be to kept in mind that a person cannot be arrested by police at whims of bank officers or media men or politicians. There is a rule of law. Mediamen are crying without knowing law or willfully maligning Modi government. If you are a banker you should know that it is not easy for bankers to get an arrest warrant against bank loan defaulters.

After all Mallya is a MP in Rajya Sabha. He has not absconded . even if he has absconded, government has many ways to bring him back to India. This governmnt will not spare him. It is not Manmohan Singh or Congress Party government which spoilt banks for vote Politics.

Vinod Rai is a undisputed honest and sincere person . He had been made Chief of BBB and he has been requested to accept this task of cleaning balance sheet of bank and suggest ways for better functioning of public sector banks. At least process of cleaning has now been initiated undeer guidance of Modi Governmnt .

We have to wait for a year or two and we have to have faith on his ability and integrity . I am most confident that all Mallya will fly away from nest and all big fishes will be trapped including bad bankers. There are several bad bankers, several evil minded borrowers , several evil minided auditors and Chartered Accountants, several corrupt politiicans and several local muscle men who jointly looted public banks to serve thir self interest.

I am happy that at least current government is at least serious in matter of recovery of money from at least big borrowers. The intention of the governmnt is clear by the fact that they have chosen Mr. Vinod Rai (ex- CAG Chief) to head BBB . Another indicator of seriouness and honesty of current government is that DRT for the first time freezd Rs.513 crore of Kingfisher. SEBI has become active in their job. Enforcement Directorate officials have started working on files which were lying unnoticed since long.

I salute Mr. Raghuram Rajan RBI Governor , Mr. Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India and Mr. Arun Jaitley who have taken bad loan hidden in PSU banks seriously and promised to recover every pie from defaulting companies. It is their joint efforts that the matter of recovery of bad loans is progressing slowly in right direction. 

Even bank offficials of various banks who were enjoying top posts of banks and becoming wealthy through corrupt means and evil ways will now change their mindset and try to improve their quality of lending in future. If they are not taken to task , government will help in recovery of Rs.100 crore and these corrupt bankers will add further Rs.1000 crore in basket of bad debts.

When CMD, ED and most of General Managers and Dy GMs are corrupt, every manipulation to project bank's false image is possible. Such bad officials who hold the unrestricted and unregulated powers on lending can conceal bad accounts in several ways, they can write off or compromise with defaulting borrowers at the cost of bank’s health, or give fresh advance to stop bad accounts slipping into NPA category and what not. This used to happen during Congress Party Government.

Now the government is under control of Mr. Narendra Modi BJP who has got no hidden agenda and whose main agenda is growth and cleaning of the system which has been stinking since long due to large scale corruption . We have to be positive minded for some time.

Bad debts which are now coming in public domain are bad for more than five to ten years . Bankers never declared bad loan as bad . They continud to hide them by restructure or by evergreening. Now they will have to declare all hidden bad debts and then real picture of bank will emerge.

Till now even RBI does not know what will come out after churning of ocean. Government of India is totally in dark so far as volume of hidden NPA is concerned. Evil culture of decades cannot be changed in a few months.

abhi samundra manthan chal raha hai

Slowly and gradually all loopholes of legal system , loopholes of of banking processess, of political exploitatins and of administrative inefficiency will come out in public domain and then real reformation process will start .

Wait for some time . Reformation which started in the year 1991 has actually deformed and destroyed the health of banks. Looting took place in all departments and in all banks . Congress Party of India became Corrupt Party of India and removed from power by mighty voters in last election.

Now we have to wait and watch what new government do during its tnure of five years.

Today even IMF chief has accepted that RBI is moving in right direction to trap defaulters and recover money from them. Leaders of Congress party like Rahul Gandhi who are crying in Parliament and outside are real guilty of spoiling bank, of introducing bribe based lending, of loan mela culture, of write off culture for vote bank, of window dressing in all matters, of flattery and bribery based recruitment and promotion. Of bad lending and all evils . At least now RBI has taken some steps to cure the culture. Modi and Jaitley both are cooperating RBI in all matters. Other departments have started function in full fledge. At least ,people have become conscious of their duty.''

I am unable to understand why media men are crying in support of leaders of Congress Party when they conduct debate on their TV channels. Media men do not understand intricacies of bank loan, they do not understand role of ill-motivated politicians who used to build pressure on bankers.for sanction of loan to their kith and kin, their friends and their political supporter business houses. If the know even ABC of bank loan , why they were silent during UPA rule and during Congress Party rule when they were using banks for political advantage. ? Why they are raising hundreds of questions to spokesmen of BJP whose government has at least initiated action against Mallya and other defaulters.

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