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Sunday, September 6, 2015

What Are Media Men Doing

Do you think that role played by TV media in India is constructive and safe for social harmony, national unity and integrity?

For whole day they discuss and debate either murder or rape committed in some part or the other in the country , or on How Modi is bad for the country or how HIndus, Muslims , Minorities or Dalits ,upper caste are fighting against each other by citing petty incident of a mad man in any corner of the country.                                         
Wherever media men get a negative statement by any leader or an bad incident or event which is bad in nature   , they focus on it and try to propagate negative line of news for the whole day , for a month and more. They will give little or no time on good work done by a leader or a party , they will simply search holes in a person or a party whom they or their promoters distlike. In this way they serve them or their promoter but cause much damage to Indian culture, to social harmoney and to national unity and integrity, safety and security. They do not hesitate even disclosing vital secrets of defence on TV media so that enemy country get more prepared and more equipped to weaken India. They tell to entire world how our army is prepared and how it will respond when Pakistan attacks on India which eventually proves costly for the nation.

For whole day , media is busy in telecasting negative news which divides from person to peron and party to party. This is why on vital national issues also, there is no unanimity and consensus among various political parties. Inspite of all efforts by ruling party , none of bills placed in Parliament or in state Assemblies are ever discussed and debated with open mind.

Leaders of political parties ruling the country say one thing and opposing parties oppose it blindly. Same policy is supported by a party while in power and opposed while in opposition. Policies concerning National security , national image and national culture are also not given value which they deserve .After all , who will take care of Nation, who will take care of common men and who will do real job for real growth is a question which every Indian should ponder over and suggest practical and good steps. Can we not keep interest of the country above all interests of person or individual party?

Media men pick some extremists of two rival communities or two rival political parties and ignite fire between them so that distance between them is widened and they become more bitter enemy of each other . Two community like Hindu and Muslim cannot come together and leave peacefully if media men are allowed to spread poison and inject poison in the bodies of people of these communities.

Media men usually say in defence that they are simply reporting the truth. I simply ask a question to them, if their child commit a blunder , will they discuss it on TV channel and bring  criminals of the past to take part in Debate on their TV channel to discuss whether act of their child was good or bad. If they cannot discuss a incident associated with their child , they should not discuss such incident of child of other person on their channel. After all we all are sons and daughters of same Mother India.

There are many such issues, such events and such activities concerning safety of nation and concerning social harmony which if discussed on TV may bring two communities together and empower Nation. But negative media men pick only controversial points, ugly incidents and condemnabe acts which are too small in number in a country of 125 crore  people and pick only controversial persons for debate which instead of diluting the bitterness aggravates the bitterness between two groups, two communitis and two parties .

It is media men who pick up persons who speak the language of destruction , who speak in favour of Pakistan, who speaks for separation of Kashmir from India , who try to divide and disturb Hindu Muslim unity and make such leaders more popular by projecting them 24 hours a day. They pick a few Hindu fundamentalists and try to malign entire group or entire community.

Whatever good work is done by a ruling party is coloured with black paint. It is true that some of media men are doing good work too . But on an average , quality of reporting by media is not good for the health of a person, a party or a country like India which is full of diversity in language, caste and religions.

It is media men who wasted valuable time of the country on Ayushi Murder mystery or who are now wasting time on Sheena murder mystery. I do not know what people of India or abroad will be benefitted by 24 hours debate on TV on how Sheena was murdered. I do not know how it is important for social harmony or for country's safety and security or for any good of the society. I do not understand how such news are beneficial for audience of TV channel.

If a woman is raped, or a person is killed in road accident or a person is murdered by another person, Media men will not report it simply as an incident of  rape or murder but project it as if there is a planned attack on Dalit, planned attack on Minorites or Hindus. It is media men who provoke fire among people of various caste and communities.

When price of Onion rises in Delhi, media men will repeat this news in more aggravated way for whole day and finally affect of their such focus and rhetoric on price rise in Delhi will escalate to entire Delhi and greater basket of goods and services. It is media news which most of times motivate business men to hoard a particular goods or commodity and help in artificially boosting up the price all over the country. In olden days such news used to confined in narrow line of a newspaper. In an advanced situation where every person is watching TV and his acts are affected by TV propaganda, it is the duty of TV media to have self constraints on at least important and vulnerable issues.

If a person or two of any political party or any caste or community is found to be indulged in any scam, it will be totally unjustified and wrong to blame and malign the image of entire party or entire community .

UPA government did some good things during thier rule. Modi government has done some good thing during his tenure. Similarly Nitish, Lalu ,Mulayam , Mamta, Jayallallitha, Kejriwal,Raman,Chauhan,all CMs of this country might have done some good thing and some bad thing from national interest point of view. But media men instead of projecting good thing and appreciating good work done by a party or a person always focus on wrong doings . In this way they give disrespect to good works and give more value to bad acts . They do not help in building a nation but provoke destruction and damage only.

It is well known to all that the more we accept, appreciate and admire a person , the more he will improve and do great and greater work. ON the contrary if a parent rebuke his children all the day, there is no doubt in it that such children will grow in bad points and become weaker and weaker . If media men start focusing on good works and start appreciating and admiring good work of persons and parties , people will be motived to do more and more  good.

Here I do not want to say that media men should remain silent on bad works and bad incidents. In such case media men should give little coverage on TV and give lengthy and full information to concerned departments. If the concerned department do not respond , they should move higher and higher. Only when all efforts fail, they should project such information on TV so that non-performance of a particular person is exposed . Any act of generalisation for entire caste or community or a political party or a religion is absolutely wrong , undesirable and unwarranted, Such acts of media are detrimental to growth, unity and safety of the country and must be condemned by all right thinking persons and groups.

And if possible a separate TV channel should be put in place by a private entrepreneurs or by government to expose biased ,false, wrong and fatal reporting made by a TV channel . Only by such act, we can save the country keeping the sanctity and value of democracy intact.

Similarly Members of Parliament whosoever he or she may be should be put to task if he or she create hindrance in work . After all MPs are also paid as other public servants are paid. MPs and MLAs are elected to work for welfare of citizen of this country and not for fighting against members of other parties or for playing kabaddi in Parliament or for mutual mud slinging only. As such , media men, MPs, public representatives, person or any party , all should be accountable and answerable for his act and must be punished without delay if any wrong is found by judicial system or by a judicious body set for it.
I am of strong view that any person committing any type of crime must be punished in shortest time without any bias and prejudice. Punishment may be small or symbolic only depending upon the gravity of crime committed, but it will send a good message to evil doers.   Similarly any good performers should be awarded without loss of time and given maximum coverage on all TV channels and in print media. Country will grow only when we all learn to focus on positive news instead of debating and discussing on negative news. Positive news will bring people together and lead to peace , love and social harmony together with all round development of nation.

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  1. Apne khud ke blogs dekh lijiye piche ke. How much you disliked everyone except modi and bjp. Happy Andhbhakti...