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Monday, April 15, 2013

Views of Raghvendra Mishra On Salary Revision of Bank Employees

Read what Mr. Raghvendra Mishra writes in Facebook

Hon'ble FM Mr Chidambaram has found a big group of Bonded Labourers in Public Sector Banks and it is why he has issued instructions to implement ambitious Cash Transfer Scheme of GoI. Mr Chidambaram is well aware about the social commitments of Public Sector Banks in India. He is also aware of the fact that these banks are good profit making enterprises despite all sort of conscious attempts to destroy these institutions in the name of globalization and many other policies started by Hon'ble PM Dr Manmohan Singh Ji as FM and meticulously pursued by Mr Chidambaram.

The salary settlement is overdue; demand are before Govt. but it there is no movement forward. This was an a sector which was joined by people employed in Higher Education, other PSUs and Provincial Services in seventies and eighties but now a days officers are leaving their job to switch to group 3 jobs in Central & State Govt.

Bank employees have developed an image of a child who obeys all the orders and if in any case fails to comply a single, liable to be grilled/ scolded as he is most irresponsible one. The expectations from our customers are growing rather rocketing. The infrastructure at the branches is in miserable state. New blood is not staying. The average age of Bank Employees is going upward and the average earning/ salaries is comparatively going down, average working hours are 9 to 11 hours every day.

In this situation, whether our trade unions are ready to exert pressure on Govt.  to achieve an honorable salary settlement for bank employees. I firmly believe that trade unions will join hands for the cause of Bank employees. All the organizations must join hand. This is the call of the hour. Lip service should be avoided. Blame game has already has damaged bank employees cause. We are required to perform like engineers and paid like mechanics, work like mason but paid like unskilled labourer.

We must not implement Cash Transfer Scheme unless our salary concern is not taken care of properly; regulated working hours and time bound promotion as operational in ONGC and many other PSUs.

What do you think? Please express your proper views in favour or against.


  1. Very true, bank employees are saddled with more and more works yet the due salary settlement is nowhere in sight. It has become an one way traffic so far as bank employees are concerned.

    1. Well said sir.. We,the bankers, are deprived of everything. i don't understand why our unions are so weak? The central govt. employees are expecting 3 times the salary in their 7th pay commission. So imagine the salary difference between and bankers and them at that time. If the Govt. is not at all thinking about us (which our unions already know) then why they don't call for an indefinite strike?? Let the govt. understand the value of banks in our country. Merely 1-2 days strike won't help us in anything. Nothing can be gained without losing something.

  2. You are absolutely right sir,
    Let us unite for the cause of all bankers,This is the right time to hit and get it settled before Gen Elc. - 14. CTC & Variable Pay are not acceptable as these required a nationwide debate & all PS Wise comparison in all ways.Why these people don't understand the basic needs of Bankers, are we not Human,we don't need time to look after our family, We are Human beings do not treat us like machines. If it continuous to happen you will loose loyalty of a major workforce dedicated to the service of Nation.If you ask to 100 bankers if he is satisfied with his job conditions you will get answer from 99 in a BIG NO. WHY please Think over it....

  3. yor write sir, now a day banking sector means more than 12 hours work in a day. 9 to 9. whyle in other sector only 7 to 8 hours hardly. our sallery is very less compare to ssc. i think banking is socaled white caller job

  4. Make the transparency Zero and nobody will ask questions. This is what the IBA and the Unions are doing at present. The bank employees don't even know to whom they shall ask for the delayed settlement talks and for the loss due to delayed talks. IBA and Unions will create such an atmosphere where it will look like nothing will happen and so settle down wherever IBA has drawn its boundaries.
    Employees never know actually what these two bodies really talks. If we try to analyze the writings published by the Unions as the representations of the talks we can easily say that Unions are like Beggers and IBA is a rich person, whatever the Begger will ask for, the rich person will give whatever he wants to give. In the same way the bank employees get something else what they ask for.
    The bank employees simply ask for increased salary, pension and other benefits which are available in many other services and Unions are not able to convey this message to the government. And the reason is very simple IBA and the Unions work in alliance as the anti-employee organizations and the difference is just in there role, one will show as employees' best friend and one will show as anti-employeesism is only way to be environment friendly. The employees will never ask questions to the leaders (the best reason is nobody knows how to contact these people) and they will just talk with there friends what is bad and what is worse?
    I never understood one thing if the Unions are honest(as they show themselves) then why not they go for something bigger like - strike on every Monday till the behaviour of the IBA would change and it will start behaving as a human being. Why not the Unions record everything of a meeting with IBA and upload the video on the there sites which would show the faces of these intellegent IBA guys.
    Till now IBA has been represented as a player will set up all the rules and regulations prior to the match in such way that they will win by non-existence of the competition.
    The Unions need to change there strategy and must feel the back power of lakhs of comrades. But, all the suggestions are in vain as we already know IBA and Unions are two faces of the same coin.

  5. Because of poor salary structure, poor working conditions and poor infrastructure in state run banks no one from southern part of india is ready to join a bank. as bank jobs have become more risk,less return jobs. if they work in BPO's they will get more salary than working in a bank plus saturday off,limited working hours etc. now gone are the days when people used to think that the working in banks is a pride. now a days everyone wishes to do that job which yeild more return. if IBA and government still makes delay in wage revision and providing decent hike on salary then youngblood will not stick to banking jobs and attrition rate will increase like anything.

  6. Bank clerks are the most under paid among the bank employees. Media longback had forgotten about them. Substaff:clerks: 11000/14000 clerk/officer:14000/29000 ???

  7. My suggestion for 10 th bipartite: New basic fresher: Substaff: 18000 Clerks: 25000 officers:32000 There should be 36 increments at every level. More gaps other than this obtained will infuriate the workmen and they will forget about bipartite

  8. U are correct sirji.but these trade union peoples are not supportive if they get benfit then only they join hands.
    We must teach lession to govt and we must show our need then only they bend. Why should we beg we shoud deamand and get it if they dont fever we must and shoud show our needs by indefinitstrike.

  9. Bankers are all work and no play. while everyone else is no work all play!
    We are just a chewing gum stuck to the sole. We make a mistake we get our promotion held up, demotion, basic scale cut down, memos/explanation call, etc are just an excuse to cut down our pay and "up" profits. Why are banker's always the scape goat? Can anyone point our any department working their arses off like a banker? When was the last time a banker came home before sunset? We are asked to be "courteous" to our customers. Ok I am in term with that. But who do we turn to when a customer threatens a banker for declining a loan to them because of their loan debt history? This is just an example of how many problems we are facing on our day to day work. Despite all these, when we DESERVE a raise, we are given a lots of maybe or "dekha jaayega", etc!!! Many departments are earning 3/4 times more than a banker. We are not against anyone or anyone's pay. We just want what we DESERVE!! Customer is always right, but are we wrong when we ask for a raise that we deserve???!!!! Who is for us? Who is to stand for us?