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Monday, March 4, 2013

Update 10th Bipartite Settlement

2nd Meeting for Negotitions for 10th BPS Now Postponed 


Rajesh Goyal

In the first meeting held on 22nd February, 2013, IBA had agreed to hold the next meeting on 4th March, 2013.  In my article I have shown my happiness as I felt that UFBU and IBA appears to be a bit serious about holding of 10th bipartite negotiations on a regular basis, as the next meeting was scheduled to be held on 4th March, 2013 i.e. after 10 days.   I felt to start with a meeting within 10 days is a good beginning.
However, now reports indicate that IBA has postponed the meeting and UFBU has no clues even for the next meeting.   It appears IBA is again back on the old trick of delaying and derailing the negotiation process.   Bankers have to be be aware of the same.   Now, you may not be surprised if IBA and UFBU party take another 10 days to decide the next date, which may than be held after another 10 - 15 days from the date of announcement.   This means a gap of almost 1 month.    
I can only hope better senses will prevail and UFBU will keep up the pressure and ensure that there is never a gap of more than 10 days between two meetings.  We too will monitor the same and request bankers to be vigilant, as  you people are the biggest losersfor delays.    We intend to keep a track of the developments in this tabular format so that full transparency is maintained, and IBA and UFBU are not able to make a fool of the bankers this time.

Meeting No.Date of Meeting Fixed for 10th BPSMajor Discussions / Achievements (The 10th BPS has become due wef 1st November, 2012)Remarks, if any
122nd February, 2013
The Chairman of the Negotiating Committee Shri.T.M.Bhasin, the CMD of the Indian Bankhimself assured that the meetings would be held at a stretch so that the entire process of the 10thBipartite can be concluded on time.   Next meeting fixed for 4th March, 2013.

There was a strike on 20th and 21st February, 2013, which was purely political in nature and had nothing to do with demands for wage revision.  The first meeting was held  on the next date of this strike, almost after 4 months of submission of Charter of Demands by UFBU.  However, bankers felt satisfied that  at least a beginning has been done and next meeting has been scheduled early
24th March, 2013Meeting Postponed on behest of IBA due to so called unavoidable circumstances (No details given).  Next date of meeting was not announced on the same day by IBA / UFBUUncertainty about next date of meeting and delay is now ensured.  Will result in gloom among bankers.

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